"As Hitherto" ("Po staremu")

digital video, 12 min. 40 sek., Poland, 2003.
directing, script, camera, editing, set design: Jacek Malinowski
actors: Aleksandra Bożek, Albina Bochonko (voice), Jacek Malinowski (voice)
producers: Marta Wójcicka (Artanimacje), Jacek Malinowski.
with help of: Małgorzata Ignatowska, Agnieszka Sural, Jennifer Suwak, Jacek Alka and others.

"As Hitherto" was presented in the show "Project Folklore" (Center of Cont. Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw) and in a certain way refers to so called contemporary folklore. It is a mixture of both: the traditional folklore as well as new, modern rituals pretending to be an urban - contemporary folklore.
In the movie the tradition is represented by the voice of the old lady, who speaks and sings a folk song. Her song, that opens the project, is about an orphan maid, who has no parents to assist in her wedding. From the singing the film's action moves directly to the fitness club, to observe the other young girl. The narrator - a voice character, that seams to be a coach - gives her instructions while she exercises in the gym. He is strong, sometimes brutal: he tames the girl. They are having a conversation or rather he tells her exactly what to say. He wants to have a total control over her. He wants to record her acting (just her image, not the voice) to later use it to his unknown purpose: he claims to later overlap her image with the voice of the old woman (the same who sings the song).

The method of dubbing, used in the film industry is a leading theme in the video. The effect of having somebody speaking with the other person's voice (the young girl speaks with the old lady's voice) serves the message, the metaphor included in the project: "youth speaks with the old voice". That doesn't refer to just the sound, that refers to the content of the spoken words as well.

see film's trailer: