"The Celebration of Erwin Koloczek" ("Celebracja Erwina Koloczka")

film, 15 min., Poland, 2007
Jacek Malinowski - script, directing, camera and editing
Actors: Polish miners from the city of Zabrze (Silesia, Poland)
Collaborators: Agata Lewandowska (Berlin), Zbigniew Korytko (Zabrze),
Marlena Malinowska Perkiel (Warsaw),
Włodzimierz Łuckiewicz (Katowice)
Supporters: Jan Gustaw Jurkiewcz ("Luiza" mine, Zabrze),
Petra Schmidt Dreyblatt (Edvard-Munch-Haus, Warnemunde)

"The Celebration of Erwin Koloczek", a memorizing documentary, is inspired by the documentary films - the specific genera that is commonly used to mythologize the heroes of mass culture in order to emphesize their celebrity status.

I selected a genuine coal miner to make a story about him - a person with some specific social status or position. Polish coal miners are a group of workers who were always a tool in official propaganda, or an object in political debate. Today they are the best organized and the most consolidated, but still doing the same job.

I picked a coal miner also because I think it is a hardest job ever: the most difficult, the most dangerous, the least comfortable, the worst paid. I did it on purpose - I wanted a contrast. To give my film a third dimension, I decided to put in miners mouths the words of - in my opinion - the opposite profession.

What is the opposition to coal mining? Of course there are many jobs that are easy and light. But I was searching for the one that is especially desired by young generation. It is obvious that everybody wants to be a movie star or movie director - to be celebrity.

Today's celebrities talk about important issues. They make opinions sometimes based on their experience, but more often on their research. They always say how much they love their job and how nice is to work in general. Their credibility varys periodically, depending on: self-esteem, honesty, actual phisical condition, etc... Anyway, who wants to be a miner these days?

The film is a compilation of statements of Erwin Koloczek - the fictitious coal miner from Zabrze in Poland - a compilation of his photographs, his film occurrences as well as the memories of his collaborators. Though, the true content of film's spoken sentences are direct quotations after quite different personalities. Erwin Koloczek and his colleges talk about genius, satisfaction, talent, spontaneity, creativity, and success. Why wouldn't coal miners talk about these issues?

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