"HalfAWoman" ("Półkobieta")

digital video,12 min. 50 sec, USA, 2000.
directing, script, camera, editing, set design: Jacek Malinowski
performance: Joan Fitzsimmons
producer: Jacek Malinowski

"HalfAWoman" is an artificial story, invented and "told" by Jacek Malinowski. It fits a documentary format. It is an interview with the woman who suffers from PDS (Pelvic Degeneration Syndrome) - causing the loss of the lower half of a body. The documentary convention is so convincing that the viewers believe it with no reservations. The question of showing the people so severely wounded erase. The doubts are being reduced by the character herself. When asked why she wants to be filmed, she answers: "because I am beautiful".
Jacek Malinowski's film is not a documentary, though. Rather a metaphor, a story of a human being who is not fulfilled in the whole, who exists in just 50%. The artist admits the fact of manipulation with viewers feelings (curiosity, fear, wonder, disgust or anger), focusing on shallowness of the certain areas of human sensibility. Then the crucial question emerging is: what are the consequences of the art work artificiality, when the truth ends up to be fiction.This is of course one of the work's many contexts.

text: Hanna Wróblewska, Zachęta Gallery

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