"HalfAWoman ...three years later"

digital video,12 min. 50 sec., Poland, 2008.
directing, script, camera, editing, set design: Jacek Malinowski
actors: Joan Fitzsimmons, Joseph Seeletso
sound: Mateusz Adamczyk
collaborators: Ewa Malinowska, Grzegorz Jach, Hanna Jach
producer: Jacek Malinowski

"HalfAWoman ...three years later", the third and last part of "HalfAWoman" project is a film of no dialogs. There are only few separated words being told. I focused on the image that requires no comment. The camera shows the main character in low mood, lonely, only in the company of the African American nurse. She is depressed and not up to any conversation. Few years passed by. They didn't bring anything new into her limited existence. On the contrary - things got worst.

The third film expands the issue that has been established primarily in the first part: existing within fiction becomes the main premise. All other contexts of the work are then exposed to reconsideration. Are they stil of any importance? Did fiction over time became an integral component reality? What fiction and which reality? "HalfAWoman" asked these questions as much as did "HalfAWoman 2" and "HalfAWoman ...three years later" - the final episode.