"Marker" - installation, 2009

Part 1: Recognition

3 channel installation:

Part 1: Recognition - 5 min. 30 sek.
Part 2: Territory - 21 min
Part 3: Frustration - 14 min

Poland, 2009.
script, camera, editing: Jacek Malinowski
actor:Sean Palmer
in collaboration with: Małgorzata Ignatowska, Paweł Uszyński.
producer: Jacek Malinowski

"Marker" is fictional story of a man who tries to free himself from the fiction of the world of global capitalism (he claims: "I was always fascinated with conspiracy theories, rebelling against everything ? against control, violence, slavery, against life within restricted system. I hate systems, matrixes..."). He does that in order to regain some non-fiction reality. The global fiction is though so overwhelming, that the only gesture that hasn't been yet conquered by the system is the atavist "territorial pissing". The film's hero is a member of informal alterglobalist group of Markers - the self claimed "passive terrorists" who try to get the human right back to the world, who travel around the world, who leave the impermanent marks of urine around the world - as a sign of succession.

"Marker" would be then a fictitious story of regaining own name, about retrieving what Jacques Derrida describes as signature in form of the atavist mark (record of what is individual and subjective). At the same time the film is a study where the impossibility of regaining "oneself" causes a growing frustration and aggression, what generally determine the transition from passive to active terrorism.

From the text "Stories based upon authentic facts" by Jarosław Lubiak, published in the catalog of the exhibition "Fitness" in Gallery Arsenał / Białystok, Poland.

Part 2: Territory
Part 3: Frustration