"Simulation" ("Symulacja")

digital video, 20 minutes, Poland, 2002.
directing, script, camera, editing, set design: Jacek Malinowski
actors: Marcin Bosak, Anna Sroka
producers: Jacek Malinowski, Fundacja Kultury (Warsaw).

"Simulation" simulates reality - an emotional turmoil between two people. There is a man and a woman in the movie, played by professional actors. They live together in a small apartment. I, the intruder, come to visit the couple to make a documentary. The cause of making the film, that reveal gradually along the movie, is woman's unique ailment - the permanent cramp of her muscles. The man, by necessity, has to take care of everything. The portrayed people are trapped in a certain position. Keeping everything silent prolongs for years. The viewers enter the home long after the situation started. The reasons and causes are unknown at the beginning as well as they are at the end: viewers don't witness any change or improvement in the characters personalities or behavior as they would in regular, Hollywood type drama. This was done to emphasize the reality that's never as wished or projected in well written scenarios. My interview with the main character supposed to show the problem to the public. Whether it helps the couple go back to normal, we're not about to whiteness.

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