digital video,15 min, Poland, 2001.
directing, script, camera, editing, set design: Jacek Malinowski
performance: Dariusz Piaskowski
producer: Marta Wójcicka (Artanimacje).

The title of "SSS" has been derived from the three words starting with letter s: self-made, self-sufficient, self-destroyed. They divide the movie into three sections, establishing a characteristic of the main character and his life philosophy: alienation from the outside world, the lack of relationships with other people.

The made up verbal/visual story is based upon loosely combined observations and thoughts on weirdos and geeks existing in the nearby. It is a history of a hypothetical man, who controls everything and who checks this out if he can exist outside the society. "SSS" continues the issues included in "HalfAWoman" with the emphasize on isolation out of choice, not out of necessity.

The film takes place in limited time and in only two interiors: the character's apartment and the staircase. The character talks about himself in a way that makes it obvious - something is wrong.

The movie registers the last moments of man's life, who has already made the final judgments, adjustments and life's ultimate summary. But before we see his unavoidable end, he shows us his daily life routines: exercise, hygiene and even a dialog with himself on dictaphone.

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