"Version 3 (executed)" ("Wariant 3 (zrealizowany)")

digital video, 5 minutes, Poland, 2002.
directing, script, camera, editing, set design: Jacek Malinowski
actors: Marek Malinowski, Jacek Malinowski
producer: Jacek Malinowski.

"Version 3 (executed)" is a film shown as a part of the exhibition: "What can it see, the dead man's glassy eye?" curated by Grzegorz Kowalski at ZachÍta Gallery in Warsaw in the year of 2002. The show referred to the issue of death in art and culture. The curator asked artists a question included in the title. For a long time I was intrigued by the natural phenomenon of twins who are born in the same time and who die in the same time. The phenomenon was described in several books and called "the simultaneous death of twins". It made me scared and wonder in the same time. Maybe because it is so mysterious and unexplained, maybe because it regards me personally. I have a twin. I constructed my movie out of two parallel plots: we - the humans, are rehearsing the death, and they - the birds, die for sure. Our stories interlace.

The title "Version 3 (executed)" refers to the three versions of the film's script I wrote before I realized the project. All of them, shortened, has been included in the exhibition catalog.